Queen Elizabeth- Did heartbreak kill her?

The Queen of England has left her last mark on earth this week

This woman who ruled the English kingdom for over 70 years was a leader of her people until her last breath. She was not known to be the warmest soul in the royal house.

Nevertheless, she had a love story straight out of a fairy tale.

Elizabeth and Philip met each other when they were respectively 13 and 18 years old. It was a first meeting that would change the course of their worlds forever.

When he was sent off to war, he found time to write letters to Elizabeth, in order to maintain contact across the oceans. It was the beginning of a romance that lasted almost 80 years.

There were stories of the conflicts in their marriage. There were also a few rumours of infidelity on Phillip’s part. Most of all, however, there were signs of a story about settling in both as an individual and a couple.

Growing up in a monarchy with high expectations and strict requirements can not only magnify problems but also intensify them. They not only had to satisfy each other but a whole kingdom on top of that.

However, they ended up being the same for many years, and when she referred to him it was as if he was her greatest strength, to whom she would forever be indebted.

Their story is immediately admirable, but there may also be some learning in their story. What can we learn from Queen Elizabeth’s love story?

Their story is not much different from yours, just magnified under a microscope.

You can probably nod in recognition that your partner has doubts about their place in life. Doubts about what role they play and what influence they have in their world.

Imagine if this responsibility was taken out of their hands and placed in yours. Would that be fair to your partner? In any case, this points to a question about how much we have to compromise for those we love in order to be happy ourselves.

Behind every powerful person, there is a vulnerability which is accessible to few. This vulnerability and authenticity are extremely valuable, in a world governed by protocol and tradition.

Philip had a place that no one else could fill. While this was beneficial to the Queen, but being number two was not his mission in life.

A partner who supports you in your mission in life must have his own meaning in life, which goes beyond you. We all rule our own kingdom.

We all govern our own world and use our partners for advice, guidance and support. But as much as we depend on them, do you remember to turn your attention towards them?

Your partner is in your life because you chose each other, and you should never forget that.

We all have many choices that we make in order to do the most meaningful work, study, relationship, family life or whatever else we can choose.

Be aware of each other and remember not to take each other’s presence for granted because they give you something irreplaceable, namely unconditional love.

Much can be said about the royal family, but they are clearly just like the rest of us.

Rest in peace, Elizabeth. Thank you for teaching us about love, both in life and in death.