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As a child I used to create a whole universe when I played by myself. It was often in front of my grandmother’s ceiling mirror – with a large chest of costumes – that I imitated the biggest hits from Eurovision. I was host, singer, judge, and audience. Those were some good times.

Why did I become a psychologist?

Good question. It has not always been in the cards. I live my life a 1000 miles an hour and I learned many things from it. I am a daughter, sister, a friend. I also have things that I am continuously working on to become a better psychologist. I still make mistakes once in a while and improve from it.

So when I tell you that it is possible to change everything that is difficult right now, it is not just an empty statement. It comes from a place of knowledge and experience.


I am quite open-minded and completely honest.

I have been accused of being funny. At least I think I am. However, people seem to think the same.

It took me almost three years to get into university.
My grades were terrible and I tried to get in several times before I was finally accepted.

I don’t watch TV and hardly ever read a newspaper. I am a big fan of Netflix though.

I love rap music, and have since I was a child.

I pick at my cuticles.

I spent many years stealing clothes from my sister’s wardrobe. I thought I could get away with it; I really didn’t. But I looked fabulous throughout my teenage years


My time as a student

I entered the University of Copenhagen in 2015, after having studied Pedagogy. I am aware that I started studying psychology quite late which challenged all my abilities, almost on a daily basis. At University, I already began to develop a focus in clinical psychology. In addition to being actively involved with many of the social societies at the university, I was focused on soaking up all the knowledge that I could. From there, my passion for therapy came – specifically individual – and couple therapy.


Foreign Exchange in Edinburgh

During my time studying at Copenhagen University, at some point, I was inspired to get out in the world. I thought to myself..

I need time away from all this heavy literature and societal pressure. It is detrimental in order to rediscover why I want to be a psychologist, to begin with“.

Maybe to develop an idea of how I could be the type of therapist that I wanted to be. Also, I could learn more about my profession and study beyond the curriculum that had been assigned to me.

Living and studying in Scotland was everything I hoped for.

Firstly, I gained valuable insight into the world of psychology. Here, it is research that takes the driver’s seat, and everything regarding therapy is heavily evidence-based. This, I absolutely love.

During this point, I am challenged, amused and exhausted, all at once. However, I came out on the other side a lot wiser, and with a good amount of courage to look for other challenges, which I do to this day.


Therapy or Matchmaking? The time I worked as a Match-maker in London

When I was finishing up my degree, the time had come to get out into the big world again. This time, I wanted to gain expertise in therapy and experience work-life as a psychologist. I can truly say, that is what I got. By chance, I was able to work as a Matchmaker for a fantastic consultancy firm, which is based in London. It was quite different. I don’t think I ever sat out to be a matchmaker. I had no knowledge of the profession whatsoever.

I loved matchmaking. It was a new world that I learned, with a lot of trial and error. There is a rush that comes from switching between searching through potential mates on apps, sprinting on the tube across town to interview a new client and the ultimate satisfaction of setting up a perfect first date. It was fun, exciting and something in between. I was also learning the importance of having a career that fits your goal, values and personality.

As much as I loved my job, in the end, I felt drained. A lot of the work which goes on behind the scenes is repetitive and time-consuming. I missed the progress that happens within therapy. Once I graduated, I continued working as a matchmaker for a while, until it had run its course. However, my experience with matchmaking is unique and has given me a fantastic opportunity and a rare insight into the inscrutable ways in the business of love. 


Graduated Psychologist 

I graduated as a psychologist in 2020, and I have been working as an independent psychologist ever since. I have a dream to impact one life at a time, thereby making the world a nicer place to be, one step at a time.